Life is noisy. It's hard to keep up with the beat. That's why for thousands of years people have helped each other to find a healthier rhythm. They've made the book of Psalms the soundtrack to their life - the music and the lyrics that shape their highs and lows, their loves and losses, their brightest days and the darkest nighttime of their souls.

So come and join us to discover the God-given rhythm that has been on people's playlist for over three thousand years.

Take some time out from the noise to discover a better soundtrack to your life.


Over a century ago, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche shocked the world with a claim that “God is dead.” People soon recovered from the shock and began to believe him. We can see still the deadly side effects all around us.

But God didn't die with Nietszche. He had already died almost two thousand years earlier on the first Good Friday. When he rose back to life on Easter Sunday, he signalled to the world that he had destroyed the forces of evil for good. 

That’s why Christians all over the world get very excited at Eastertime. God has broken the power of death, once and for all, and he invites us to enjoy the new life which only he can bring.


One Life that changed everything.

There are over 7 billion people in the world right now. Many billions more have lived and died before us. One life stands high above them all, a single life that changed everything for humankind as a whole.

He never held an office, yet our laws are founded on his teaching. He never wrote a book, yet he has inspired more writing than anybody else in history. He never fought a war, billions of people have hailed him as their King. At Christmas we celebrate his birth, and at Easter we celebrate his death and resurrection.

Begin your 2016 by finding out why. What is it about this one life that changes everything for us today?


Are you the kind of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions – some people don’t, some people do – but what is certain is that God’s plans for your 2016 are far bigger, far more challenging and far more exciting than your own ones.

We study the final 5 verses of Matthew’s gospel and see that Jesus’ vision for the disciples wasn’t just stretching, it was laughably oversized. That’s how God works. How he has worked through Church history. That’s how he wants to work right now through us.

Join us as we unpack Gods’ Great Invitation, Great Commission, Great Commandment and Great Promise for us as individuals and for Everyday Church Online.


It is a dark time for the human race. Terrorists, striking from hidden cells, have shaken Europe with a sudden attack on peaceful Paris. The people of Europe wonder if their bombers can prevent another attack.

Across the world, wars and rumours of wars have led to the biggest displacement of men, women and children in history as more than 60 million people are forced to flee their homes.

The people of London watch and wait. To distract themselves, they concentrate on Christmas, feasting and giving one another presents, not knowing what the future will hold.

Meanwhile, a story is spreading, a whisper which will grow to become a cry heard around the world.

There are rumours that a baby, born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago, was God's own son, sent to unleash an unstoppable force for good into world; it is said this son, Jesus, has defeated death itself and is working today to save the people he made and loves.

Slowly, in hearts everywhere, HOPE AWAKENS.


None of us are born with a manual in our hands telling us how to make the most of life. We have to work it out the hard way. Some of us are better at it than others, but in our more honest moments we all confess that we need a little help.

That’s why it’s such good news that the Bible contains a whole book about how to make the most of life, love, work, free time, money, family, friends and just about everything else. Join us this autumn as we study the book of Proverbs together.

Come and discover how life works God’s way.