The Soundtrack To Your Life #1

Pick Your Playlist

Phil Moore

from: Sunday 21 February 2016
to: Saturday 27 February 2016

There's a soundtrack playing in the world all around us, and we can see its affects everywhere. God says it's time for us to change it for a better one. As we start this series in the book of Psalms, we discover how the words we listen to make a massive difference to our lives. God wants to help you change your playlist and to discover why the first word of the book of Psalms is "blessed"

The Soundtrack To Your Life #2

Singing In God's Key

Dan Featherstone

from: Sunday 28 February 2016
to: Saturday 5 March 2016

The start of Psalm chapter 6 describes all our worst fears about Gods wrath and his anger towards sin. It describes the agony, anguish, groaning, weeping and sorrow David and we go through when being made aware to our sin.

David comes back to God in worship and repentance and confesses his sins then has such confidence in his redemption. He prays in Psalm chapter 7 about his righteousness because he is so confident in the mercy of God and that his sins are forgiven.

The Soundtrack To Your Life #3

Open Your Eyes

Phil Moore

from: Sunday 6 March 2016
to: Saturday 12 March 2016

There's a strange idea that many people have that the only way to encounter God is through reading the Bible and attending Christian meetings. The book of Psalms corrects this, because it simply isn't true. King David wants to help us to open our eyes to the glory of God all around us, every moment and everywhere.

The Soundtrack To Your Life #4

The Voice

Phil Moore

from: Sunday 13 March 2016
to: Saturday 19 March 2016

God's voice is the most powerful force in the universe. From the moment that he spoke the world into being, his voice has changed the lives of countless men and women throughout history. In this message you will hear how the voice of God can change your own life too, and how you can bring transformation to the world around you by speaking out the Word that God has placed inside you.

The Soundtrack To Your Life #5

Sing When You're Winning

Adrian Holloway

from: Sunday 20 March 2016
to: Saturday 26 March 2016

How can you keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs? How can we maintain a good attitude when our circumstances look grim? In these two Psalms, King David shows us the secret of his success . . . his ability to put his trust in a victorious God! David learnt through 22 years of adversity the principle that would later give him success wherever he went.

Now David’s greater Son, Jesus is here, and by defeating the powers of sin, death and Satan, Jesus has won an even greater victory for us to benefit from for all eternity.

The Soundtrack To Your Life #6

Sing Your Own Cover

Sean Hammond

from: Sunday 3 April 2016
to: Saturday 9 April 2016

Do you like cover versions of songs, or are you the kind of person who prefers the original version? In this message, Sean looks at Psalm 16. It's a Psalm of David, but as we'll see, Jesus sang a cover version of David's song that was better than the original. In an even better twist, the invitation is there for us to write our own cover version to God. We can share in the glorious inheritance that David prophesied about, Jesus fulfilled, and through the Spirit is open to us now.

The Soundtrack To Your Life #7

The SheepGod

Phil Moore

from: Sunday 10 April 2016
to: Saturday 16 April 2016

Psalm 23 is one of the best loved and most understood chapters in the Bible. We love its words of comfort and encouragement, but few of us actually know how to experience these amazing promises of God in our daily lives. This message will help you to understand how to make Psalm 23 more than just a pleasant song. It will help you to make it the very real soundtrack to your life.

The Soundtrack To Your Life #8

When God Is Silent

Phil Moore

from: Sunday 17 April 2016
to: Saturday 23 April 2016

It's all very well talking about the soundtrack to our lives, but what about the times when there isn't any time at all? What about the times when it seems as if God has stopped talking to us? As we move into Book II of Psalms, the Sons of Korah teach us how to handle it when God seems very far away.

The Soundtrack To Your Life #9

What God Needs From You

Dan Featherstone

from: Sunday 24 April 2016
to: Saturday 30 April 2016

How would you answer the question "what should I give to God?" It's a great question to ask when you're coming to church or in your day to day life, whether you're a Christian or not, but the answer we find might surprise you. 

The author of Psalm 51 - King David - seems well set up to answer this question "what should I give to God?" - he's a man who had everything that life could offer! And yet as we'll see in the Psalm, he only really found out what God needed from him at the exact moment he seemed to have nothing to offer at all. 

The Soundtrack To Your Life #10

True Grit

Phil Moore

from: Sunday 1 May 2016
to: Saturday 7 May 2016

Beautiful pearls start out as an annoying piece of grit in an oyster's shell. In the same way, a lot of the most beautiful work that God does in our lives feels like annoying aggravation at the time. This message looks at how the psalms of David encourage us to see the big picture of what God is doing during the tough times in our lives.

The Soundtrack To Your Life #11

Coming, Ready Or Not

Phil Moore

from: Sunday 8 May 2016
to: Saturday 14 May 2016

You have been lied to. People have told you that following Jesus will make your life a bed of roses, a walk in the park, an easy ride. In Psalm 69, King David corrects the lie. He tells us what it really means to be a followers of the Lord. It isn't easy, but it's glorious. Find out why.