One Life #1

He Became Flesh

Phil Moore

from: Sunday 10 January 2016
to: Saturday 16 January 2016

"He became what he was not so that we might become what he is." That's how one ancient writer expressed the great news of the incarnation of Jesus. So why does it matter that God became a human being? This message begins to scratch the surface of a truth that will make you want to worship forever.

One Life #2

He Lived Among Us

Phil Moore

from: Sunday 17 January 2016
to: Saturday 23 January 2016

Have you ever noticed that Christians seem to talk a lot more about the birth and death and resurrection of Jesus than they do about his life? That's crazy, because Romans 5:19 tells us that we are saved, not just through faith in Jesus' blood, but through faith in Jesus' perfect life. You will discover in this message that many of our problems stem from an incomplete understanding of how the life of Jesus saves us. Filling in the blanks can make all the difference in the world.

One Life #3

He Died

Sean Hammond

from: Sunday 24 January 2016
to: Saturday 30 January 2016

The life is Jesus is indeed an extraordinary one. There is however a big elephant in the room. Jesus dies. Was that part of the plan? How we get our heads around it? Sean looks at His death and finds the meaning in it for us.

One Life #4

He Rose From The Dead

Phil Moore

from: Sunday 31 January 2016
to: Saturday 6 February 2016

A tech revolution swept the world in about 1900. People started trading in their horses for motor cars. What had once seemed strong became very weak when they saw a new and better type of power. That's what happened, but in a much bigger way, when Jesus of Nazareth was raised from the dead in April 30AD. He demonstrated the true weakness of our human strength and the true strength of God's power. This message will teach you how to experience heaven's power on earth today.

One Life #5

He Sat Down In Heaven

Phil Moore

from: Sunday 7 February 2016
to: Saturday 13 February 2016

Jesus isn't standing up. He is sitting down in heaven. He is sitting down because his work is complete and because he is now our biggest fan. He has given us all authority and power and he is with us as we bring his victory to bear on the world around us. This message explains how.

One Life #6

He Will Come Again

David Featherstone

from: Sunday 14 February 2016
to: Saturday 20 February 2016

The Bible tells us that world history will culminate in one amazing event - the personal return of Jesus Christ. The scale and implications of this are truly cosmic, but in this sermon we consider how the prospect of meeting Jesus face to face should affect the way that we live and think today.