Life Works God's Way #1

The Five Faces Of A Fool

Phil Moore

Sunday 20 September 2015

Life isn't easy. None of us was born holding a manual telling us how to make smart decisions and to make the most of the life we have. Instead, God invites us to know him as the Way of Wisdom. This first message in a new series in the book of Proverbs will help you to walk the path of true wisdom.

Life Works God's Way #2

Enemy At The Gates

Phil Moore

Sunday 27 September 2015

Solomon tells us that someone really hates our guts. He calls him the Destroyer, although the rest of the Bible tends to refer to him as the Devil. Solomon begins his Top 500 proverbs by telling us to pay attention to one of them "above all else". The Devil wants to destroy you, but Solomon will teach you how to overcome him.

Life Works God's Way #3

Watch Your Mouth

Phil Moore

Sunday 4th October 2015

We all know that the words we say can do enormous damage to our friendships, to our career and to our happiness. But Solomon has good news. He tells us that our words have similar power to save us and to help us to save those around us. God gave you the power of speech for a reason. He wants to help you to watch your mouth change your world.

Life Works God's Way #4

It's Not About The Money

Phil Moore

Sunday 11th October 2015

Jessie J had a number-one single that claimed "It's not about the money, money, money." Solomon both agrees and disagrees. He says that wealth is "only money" but then he goes on to show us that how we handle money reveals who we really are, deep down in our hearts. Solomon gives us a store of amazing wisdom which helps us to handle money well. We need to listen to what he has to say. Life works God's way.

Life Works God's Way #5

God At Work

Adrian Holloway

Sunday 18th October 2015

Solomon was regarded as both the most wealthy and the wisest king on the planet during his lifetime. If Volkswagen had taken what the book of Proverbs says about work seriously, they could have saved themselves a load of trouble. What can we learn about how God is involved in our work? How can work feel less like a prison and more like a place of destiny?

Life Works God's Way #6

Get Out Of God's Way

Phil Moore

Sunday 25th October 2015

All of us have been wronged by others. Many of us have been wronged severely. Solomon teaches us how to respond when we are treated unjustly, if we truly want to see justice done. This message is great news for you if you struggle to forgive others for what they have done to you, or if you want to be part of God's solution in a world of bitterness and conflict.

Life Works God's Way #7

Swimming With Sharks

Phil Moore

Sunday 1st November 2015

Fear affects us all in different ways. Some of us bottle it up and try to deny it. Others of us succumb to it and allow our worlds to become smaller. Whichever way you tend to deal with fear, you need to hear what Solomon has to say in Proverbs. He teaches us the very best way to deal with fear, and it's life-transforming. Whatever sharks are encircling your right now, God wants to show you how to deal with them his way.

Life Works God's Way #8

Killing With Kindness

David Featherstone

Sunday 8th November 2015

Thought provoking advice from the book of Proverbs about how to bring the very best out of our children and lay solid foundations in their lives.

Life Works God's Way #9

Never Walk Alone

Phil Moore

Sunday 15th November 2015

God exists in relationship: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He doesn't just express love; he is love. A loving community lies at the heart of who he is. It therefore shouldn't really surprise us that Solomon tells us we need deep friendships to experience life to the full. In a lonely city, we need to hear what Solomon has to say about living life God's way, in authentic community.

Life Works God's Way #10

First Things First

Phil Moore

Sunday 22nd November 2015

Solomon tells us that one of the biggest differences between wise and foolish people is what they choose to prioritise. People who keep the main thing the main thing end up living life to the full, while those who put wrong things first end up reaping disaster. This is one of Solomon's most important lessons in how life work's Gods way.

Life Works God's Way #11

How To Make God Your Enemy

Adrian Holloway

Sunday 29th November 2015

Today more than ever we compare ourselves to other people in terms of how we look or how we’re doing. We try to be bold, successful or original, working hard to try to overcome feelings of inadequacy, inferiority and insignificance. In this Proverb Solomon shows us how to tell the difference between false guilt and true guilt and offers us a spectacular solution to the problem.

Life Works God's Way #12

A Straight Ruler

Phil Moore

Sunday 6th December 2015

Unthinkingly, most people take a pretty dim view of politics. The only thing we view more dimly is politicians. But Solomon tells us this is foolish. He shows us how a proper view of politics changes everything. If you want to be a wise follower of Jesus Christ the King, then you need this message.

Life Works God's Way #13

God Knows You Need This

Phil Moore

Sunday 13th December 2015

God knows that most people think of wisdom as a thing to be acquired through eager study. But Solomon tells us that wisdom is primarily a person to get to know, not a commodity to acquire. This message will help you to be filled with the Spirit of Jesus, who is also known in Scripture as the Spirit of Wisdom. Solomon says that it's personal.

Life Works God's Way #14

Life Works God's Way

Sean Hammond

Sunday 27th December 2015

For 14 weeks we’ve been looking at the wisdom of Solomon, left for his son Rehoboam. How well did Solomon take his own advice? As we end the series, Sean looks at what Solomon did next, and how that affected what he had to say.