Christmas Service

Hope Awakens

Phil Moore

Sunday 20th December 2015

It is a dark time for the human race. Terrorists, striking from hidden cells, have shaken Europe with a sudden attack on peaceful Paris. The people of Europe wonder if their bombers can prevent another attack.

Across the world, wars and rumours of wars have led to the biggest displacement of men, women and children in history as more than 60 million people are forced to flee their homes.

The people of London watch and wait. To distract themselves, they concentrate on Christmas, feasting and giving one another presents, not knowing what the future will hold.

Meanwhile, a story is spreading, a whisper which will grow to become a cry heard around the world.

There are rumours that a baby, born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago, was God's own son, sent to unleash an unstoppable force for good into world; it is said this son, Jesus, has defeated death itself and is working today to save the people he made and loves.

Slowly, in hearts everywhere, HOPE AWAKENS.