God Is Not Dead


Sean Hammond

Good Friday 25 March 2016

There's a soundtrack playing in the world all around us, and we can see its affects everywhere. God says it's time for us to change it for a better one. As we start this series in the book of Psalms, we discover how the words we listen to make a massive difference to our lives. God wants to help you change your playlist and to discover why the first word of the book of Psalms is "blessed"

God Is Not Dead

God Is Not Dead

Phil Moore

from: Easter Sunday 27 March 2016
to: Saturday 2 April 2016

Phil brings to life one man's experience of the first Easter weekend. Knowing how the unfolding events felt to those who were closest to Jesus helps us to respond today. If you want to know why Easter is seriously good news, then this message is for you.