Welcome to Everyday Church Online! We are a community of Christian believers and seekers who meet online to experience God together through worship, teaching and friendship. We gather people from right across the world to form a truly global church. Come and join us for one of our services to discover a network of friendships that is helping people everywhere to love Jesus and to live out his mission every day.

Why Are We Here?

The world needs online churches. Millions of people live in places where there is no other Gospel-preaching church that they are able to attend. They either end up going nowhere or going somewhere that doesn’t feed them spiritually, but that they hope in time to influence for good.

Everyday Church Online is a church on the internet for people who cannot get to church locally, or who need a spiritual home that will feed them so that they can truly make a difference on the ground in their own area. Whether Everyday Church Online is your only church or gets to complement the ministry of another church, if you commit to us we will commit to pastoring you and discipling you well into becoming all that God intends for you to be.

What's The Plan?

On one level, the plan behind Everyday Church Online is very simple. We want to do two things for you – provide online services that take you on a journey into God each week with other believers and seekers from all around the world, and connect you into an online Life Group that will help you grow in God every day through the latest in social media.

On another level, we’ve got a bigger end in view. We don’t just want to help you to survive as a Christian – we want to help you thrive as an agent of spiritual change in the place where you live. If you are part of another church on the ground, we want to help you to grow as a disciple of Jesus and to know how to influence your church so that it makes more disciples too. If you are not part of another church on the ground, we want to connect you with other churchless Christians in your area and to become part of a church-planting movement.

If you become a partner of Everyday Church Online then we’ll provide you with encouragement, pastoral care, resources and equipping to make an even greater difference on the ground where you live. We believe that God has given us a promise that he will plant many churches and affect many nations through the people who join Everyday Church Online.

Who's On The Team?

Everyday Church Online was originally planted by Everyday Church in London, UK. Planted by the influential 19th-century preacher Charles Spurgeon, it still has a loud voice in proclaiming the Gospel to London, and now Everyday Church Online takes that message all around the world. Though its senior leaders are still based in London – Darren Parker, Phil Moore and Akhtar Shah – the rest of the team now represents a far bigger worldwide community. Pablo Contreras leads our Spanish congregations, Annika Risch leads our German congregations, Valentina Sokolovska leads our Russian congregations and Cristina Lorusso leads our Italian congregations. We are growing into one of the most global churches ever, and there is room for you to come and join the team too!

How Can I Play My Part?

We want to pastor you and to help you grow into all that God wants you to be. In order to do that, we need to start getting to know each other. The easiest way to begin that process is for you to commit to attending one of our online services each week and engaging with its leaders in the chatroom to the right of the screen. You can also deepen the new friendships that you make by joining one of our Online Life Groups for a weekly Bible study and discipleship discussion, which sparks a lot of informal friendship and interaction over social media throughout the rest of the week.

When you are ready, spend an hour completing our Online Partnership Course to officially join the team. We’d also encourage you to consider giving financially to the work that God is doing through us. There are few better investments that you could make to take the Gospel all around the world.


Online church is brilliant but it certainly isn’t cheap. Our team of online pastors ask for nothing in return. They rely on donors who have caught the vision of Everyday Church Online and who want to make this a key part of how they serve God through their generous financial giving. At our services, you can hear stories from some of the people who are being impacted in communities where people have no church to go to, in places where people fear to go public with their faith, and in life circumstances that exclude them from traditional church communities. Please help us to continue and to expand this work across the world by clicking on the button below.

Life Groups

Life Groups are at the heart of our life as an online church. These small groups provide the perfect context for friendship, care, challenge, discipleship and leadership development. You will get to know people as you discuss the messages you have heard in our services and as you connect via our social networks throughout the week to support and pray for one another. Following Jesus is meant to be a shared journey, so come on – let’s do life together. Fill in our connect form.


We have lots of visitors at Everyday Church Online, but there comes a point where people decide to make it their home church, becoming part of the great mission that God is working through us. Becoming a partner of Everyday Church expresses your commitment to us, our commitment to you, and our commitment to serve God together. Becoming a partner also opens up our training resources and our discipleship track, which aims to grow you into the person God created you to be. Watching the videos and answering the questions will take you between 30 and 60 minutes, so click here when you are ready to begin your Partnership Course.

Contact us

If you would like to contact us to find out more about Everyday Church Online, Church Services, Life Groups, Giving, Partnership, Prayer Requests, or anything else, then please use the contact form below.