The leaders of Everyday Church Online are responsible for seeing people welcomed, saved, discipled, set free, pastored, equipped, empowered and released to flourish in their God-given gifting.

Phil & Ruth Moore

Phil is the Lead Pastor of Everyday Church. After studying history at Cambridge University and working as a missionary, Phil spent many years in the business world before feeling called to become the full-time leader of Everyday Church. Much of who we are comes out of his own personal journey with God – a very ordinary person who has learned to live by God’s extraordinary power. When Ruth isn’t leading with Phil, she works as a doctor. Together they have four young children.

Darren & Jacqui Parker

Darren and Jacqui are the leaders of Everyday Church Online. Darren worked for many years as a graphic designer and project manager, before becoming a church pastor. Jacqui has worked as a teacher, both in her native South Africa and in the UK. Darren and Jacqui and their four children share a passion to take church to the world.

Zac & Zoë Guy

Zac looks after our worship at Everyday Online. He and Zoë recently got married and live in Clapham, South London. He insists that his love for Malaysian food predates his acquiring a Malaysian mother-in-law.

Sean & Bec Hammond

Sean was born to South African parents, but his strong Aussie accent and gold rugby shirt betray that his and Bec’s real roots are in Sydney, Australia. They claim that, as dual British & Australian citizens, of South African descent, living in London, they truly embody the feel of Everyday Church Online - or a United Colors of Benneton advert.

Tim & Dawn Hull

Tim’s parents are from Nigeria and Israel. Dawn’s parents are from India. So, typically Londoners, really.